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Fresh mushrooms are undoubtedly the perfect meal partners because they are so versatile.  Whether it's a scrumptious salad, zesty pasta, savory chicken, mouth watering steak or pizza with pizzazz - fresh mushrooms go with just about anything. It’s therefore no wonder that 98% of mushroom eaters believe mushrooms add something special to a dish!

Whilst there are many types of mushrooms available in South Africa, the most popular commercial mushrooms are cultivated for consumers by South African mushroom farmers and made available, every day of the year, on the shelves of supermarkets around the country.

South African cultivated mushrooms are not only versatile, they are also seriously healthy (see our health information section) and they are environmentally friendly!
Most of the materials used in mushroom production is recycled. For example, the straw used in the mushroom substrate is an agricultural byproduct that used to be burnt, causing major pollution, whilst the substrate is worked back into the soil as fertilizers and mulches.

Even more reason to get to know your mushrooms!

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Did you know? Crimini mushrooms are also called Portabellini mushrooms and are widely available in SA.


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